About Su Ragazzi

A brief history of Su Ragazzi VC

Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club emerged in the South Side of Glasgow in the early 1980’s. The Club was based around three key schools – Woodfarm High, St Ninian’s High and Shawlands Academy. Several of today’s key Club personnel were present at the Club’s beginning as young and hopeful players – a number of our current top players have only played for Su Ragazzi throughout long and very successful careers. That tradition of being a people centred organisation is one of the best parts of the Club. The name is an Italian phrase – it means “ Come on Boys”, and it was chosen by the players. At first no one outside the Club could either pronounce it, or explain what it meant – they can now.

The first team, City of Glasgow Ragazzi have won the men’s National Championship eight times, and won the National Cup seven times. They have won international events, and hold the Great Britain record for the most number of consecutive wins against domestic opposition – in a show of prolonged and sustained power, which lasted for six years, Su Ragazzi went 101 matches in Scotland undefeated! It’s unlikely that feat will ever be challenged.

The men’s second team have won both the Division II Championship and the National Plate final on two separate occasions. The ladies team, the Suettes are the only Team in the history of the Scottish game to have won division’s 3 – 2 – and 1 in consecutive season. They have won the Championship on two other occasions, and have also appeared in three different Cup Finals.

Su Ragazzi VC is about people, and creating successful relationships, it’s also about sporting excellence and winning.

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The club