Forza were the only Ragazzi team competing this weekend but they made it worth the trip to Coatbridge! With only 7 players (including a libero) on the scoresheet, the team were all under pressure to perform - there were no substitutes ready to come on if someone was having a bad game. Luckily no subs were needed and the team performed well to take the game 3-0.

Some of the Suettes and CoG men have players training in the Scotland National squads and so the hall was oddly empty and quiet on this Saturday morning - perhaps affecting the energy of the Forza boys? The team was also quiet and at times were challenged and unable to rise to the level asked of them. These were only in short sections of the game however, and overall there has been significant progress in the Forza team to produce this important win for the team's league campaign.

Sets 1 and 2 were strong for Forza Ragazzi, taking an early lead and putting pressure on the team from the East. The 3rd set proved to be a much tougher lesson in maintaining composure as the level dipped and Jets capitalised on several Forza errors. Head Coach Jas Orr had to use both timeouts to reorganise his teams tactics and reset their focus to finally take the set 26-24.

Captain Charlie Mcfarlane lead his team with some strong, confident and extremely smart hitting from the front court. Kasper Cybulski is becoming an almost unstoppable force through the middle both in attack and blocking efforts. Archie Crawford works hard and did an excellent job of opening up the court, using outside Michael Young to great effect, as well as some successful attacks out the backcourt from James Orr. Santti Franco's serving allowed his team to run points together on several occasions, building the early leads to give confidence to his team mates to serve and attack tough. And Logan Macdonald rallied his team, supporting his team mates vocally and physically, providing the noise and defence that fits the libero role.

Great performance and most definitely a well deserved win 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 26-25).