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Women's League One Coach Wanted!

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Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club are preparing to re-introduce a women’s team to the League One competition❗️

Previously the team had success in the League and Plate, which provided a regular competitive platform for our junior or developing female athletes💪🏻

If you have playing or coaching experience, and would like to coach our women’s League One squad, please contact us at for more details!

Our Women's Team - The Suettes

Coach: Darren Martin

Assistant Coach: Carly Murray

Captain: Nicole Ramage (1)

Setters: Nicole Ramage (1)

Outsides: Kirsty McLean (8), Claire Ramage (9), Angele Nedelec (3), Laura McReady (6) Meghan Booth (10), Kirsty McLean (8), Desislava Petrova (2)

Middles: Maria Rodriguez (5), Tya Keys (7), Carly Murray (4)

Liberos: Karolina Jatkowska (12), Raveen Gill (11)

Our womens first team play in the Scottish Premier Division, finishing second in the 21/22 and 22/23 seasons.

suettes pre season
Suettes 2022

suettes stobie trophy
Bill Stobie Tournament Winners 2022

The Suettes have started the season strongly, winning the Bill Stobie pre season tournament and victories throughout the beginning of the League and Scottish Cup competitions. Darren Martin has taken over as coach for the womens side this season and is showing his skill and knowledge from years competing at a high level in the mens game.

Match Number Date Time (FBS) Venue Home Team Away Team Results
Scottish Cup 24/09/2022 15:00 Prestwick Academy Edin Uni 2 v Su Ragazzi 3:1
2 01/10/2022 14:30 Lenzie Academy Glasgow International v Su Ragazzi 3:0
6 08/10/2022 10:00 Coatbridge Su Ragazzi v Dundee 3:0
Scottish Cup 22/10/2022 10:30 Prestwick Academy Su Ragazzi v Caledonian West Troon 3:0
10 29/10/2022 14:30 Prestwick Academy Caledonia West v Su Ragazzi 3:0
14 05/11/2022 13:00 Coatbridge Su Ragazzi v Volleyball Aberdeen 3:0
18 14/11/2022 19:30 The Pleasance Edinburgh University v Su Ragazzi 3:0
22 19/11/2022 11:30 Coatbridge Su Ragazzi v Edinburgh Jets 3:0
Scottish Cup 26/11/2022 00:00 BYE BYE v BYE FREE
25 10/12/2022 10:00 Coatbridge Su Ragazzi v City of Edinburgh 3:1
30 14/01/2023 10:00 Coatbridge Su Ragazzi v Glasgow International 3:0
Scottish Cup Quarter Final 21/01/2023 12:30 Prestwick Acedemy Su Ragazzi v Caledonia West 3:2
34 28/01/2023 13:30 Craigie HighSchool Dundee v Su Ragazzi 3:0
FREE 04/02/2023 v FREE
38 11/02/2023 13:00 Prestwick Academy Su Ragazzi v Caledonia West/Troon 3:0

Suettes Photo Gallery

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